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About Us

Who we are

The Great Aurora Chase is a brand with a long history of helping guests from all over the world see the northern lights. During the last decade, our founders have been deeply involved in developing aurora borealis activities which have helped thousands of guests enjoy the auroras – all with the highest standard of professionalism. This experience has led our founders to create The Great Aurora Chase – a value based adventure with one goal: to show our clients the northern lights!

What we do

The Great Aurora Chase aims to help our clients see the northern lights while keeping prices as low as possible. We believe that our clients place the highest possible value on a successful aurora sighting without all of the unnecessary bells and whistles provided by other activity providers. We hire only professional drivers whom have been trained by the original Great Aurora Chase guide in order to ensure that you get a consistent experience, regardless of which location you join us on. We currently have three chase destinations: Abisko, Björkliden and Kiruna with many more to come!

Our vision

The Great Aurora Chase’s mission is simple: We want to build a network of chases all through the Aurora Oval which gives our clients the ability to show up at any of the aurora watching hot spots and enjoy a value priced aurora watching experience. During the chase we aim to share knowledge about the northern lights, as well as use our experience to take our clients to the best locations possible at the time, based on aurora and weather predictions.

Our knowledge

The Great Aurora Chase is owned and managed by a team of professionals with more than 30 years experience of building aurora based holidays. This knowledge is invaluable when designing our products and results in satisfied guests.